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During the last five years the Association has organized numerous activities. The most important are:-

(1) Served a Notice for Parliament March to the Central Govt. vide our communiqué No. CPMF Ex-SA/01/2006-HQrs dated 30th June 2006, and the MHA responded with their letter No. 27011/12/2006-R and W dated 31st July 2006.The Parliament March scheduled on 18th Sept 2006 was called off since the Govt. had assured of accepting certain major demands of the Association including setting up of Central Police Canteens with liquor facilities & a Welfare Board for CPMF Ex- Servicemen, in a meeting of National Leaders of the Association with Joint Secretary (Police) at MHA on 14th Sept 2006.

(2) Another Notice was served to the Central Govt. for Parliament March vide letter No. CPMF EX-SA/01/2007-HQrs dated 2nd May 2007, but subsequently called off on receipt intimation from MHA vide their letter No. 27011/12/2007-R and W dated 20th June 2007 in which it was mentioned that CPC and WARB have been setup on 18th September 2006 and 17th May 2007 respectively and Govt have constituted a GOM to examine the issue of exemption of CPMF Personnel from the purview of new defined Contributory Pension Scheme.

(3) A Parliament March was organized on 18th Feb 2009 in which hundreds of delegates from all over the Country participated.

(4) A Memorandum No. AICPEWA/CCO/01/09 dated 17th May 2009, enumerating our major demands was submitted to the Prime Minister.

(5) Dharnas, Road Blockades, Picketings etc in front of Central Govt. Offices, NHs, Raj Bhavans and State Secretariats etc were organized frequently at various States.



No. AICPMFEWA-CCO-2/2011                                                  Dated  30/11/2011

To                                                                                                       Speed Post

Dr. Nirmal Jeet Singh Kalsi. IAS MOST URGENT

Joint Secretary (Police-II)

Govt . of India, MHA

North Block, New Delhi-110001



It is a fact that, you may be aware of the role of the All India Central Para-military Forces Ex-servicemen Welfare Association for the welfare/ benefits of all Ex-paramilitary forces personnel ,widows and dependants etc. We know that there is no need to introduce our Association  as the only organization of all India level to ensure welfare of all Ex-Paramilitary men, widows and dependants . We feel sad that we were  unable to have an official meeting with  you after  assumed the office. But we had several casual / official meetings with your  predecessor.

2.                That Sir, it is a fact that the force behind the decision  of Central Govt to establish Central Police Canteen (CPC) was our Association for the welfare / benefit of all Ex-Paramilitary Forces personnel , widows and dependants. The decision  was taken following  several agitational activities by our Association including Parliament March etc. It was the assurance given by  your predecessor  in an official meeting with the leaders of our Association on 14.09.2006 at MHA Conference Hall with the presence of Director (Personnel), Director (Police), Under Secretary (PMA) etc.. Though the CPC was established vide MHA Memo No.  27011/18/2006-R&W dated 18.09.2006 it took a long way to reach the present position. We were watching very closely the movement of CPC and came out with suggestions where necessary for its improvement. The role of our Association in obtaining VAT exemption from various State Govts. is  not over looked. Our efforts are on  to obtain the same from remaining States.

3.                Now we are rather confused that the Subsidiary/ Master Canteens have not made any proper guidelines/ instructions , procedures  regarding  its function and sale of articles to Ex-Paramilitary men, widows and dependants. As a result, it is learnt that, Subsidiary/ Master Canteen of CPC placing  demands/issue supply order in accordance with the strength of serving personnel only. This will naturally create confrontations and  misunderstanding. It seems the authorities concerned conveniently  omit or forget the actual force- the Ex-Paramilitary men- behind the formation of the CPC . This is a matter of serious concern.

4.                The facilities of CPC  have been extended to State Police Forces  Retired / Serving personnel also. In the States like UP, Tamil Nadu  and Kerala State Police already opened its out lets at every  District Police HQrs . The Master Canteen of these State Police are dealing directly with the listed firms without any  consultation with Central Administrative Committee / GM CPC may lead to  several problems in later  stage. More over now we are facing  a unusual embracing situation that while the State Police Forces Personnel  are  enjoy the facilities of CPC, actual so-to-say beneficiaries  helplessly looking at them outside.

5.                In order to overcome such situation, we put forward the following suggestion for your kind perusal please:-

i)                    Open out-lets of CPC at District level under supervision of a Subordinate Officer (SI- Inspector) with three or four ex- paramilitary men to assist him in each District similar to CSD Canteen (Army) through out the Country by utilizing the profit of  CPC already earned.

ii)                    For the purpose District Welfare Officer of WARB by designating a retired Officer of Paramilitary Forces (above the rank of Deputy Commandant) and few staff at a honorarium basis may be established in each District   so as the welfare of Ex-Paramilitary Men could be taken care of as well as monitoring  the functioning of CPC in Districts of through out the Country

iii)                    Include a representative of our Association in the Central Administration Committee of CPC and WARB as our Association was the force behind the formation  of both the establishments and we evaluate the functioning  of both rather better.

iv)                    For detailed discussion a delegation of our Association leaders may be permitted to meet you in nearest future at your convenience.

v)       We do hope that your good-self will be kind enough to look in  to the matter seriously at its merit and take a favourable  action at the earliest by  arranging  a meeting of Head  of   Forces , Other Senior Officers and our Association Representatives .

With respectful regards.                                         Yours sincerely,


P.S Nair
General Secretary

Copy to forwarded for favour of  information and necessary action to:-

  1. Smt. Renu Sarin, Under Secretary (PMA), MHA, North Block, New Delhi
  2. Director General  ITBPF, Chairman  (WARB), CGO Complex, New Delhi-110003.
  3. DsG, CRPF, BSF, ITBPF, CISF, Assam Rifles & SSB
  4. CEO-cum- GM, CPC  , CRPF Dte, CGO Complex, New Delhi-110003
  5. Secretary (WARB) , CRPF Dte, CGO Complex, New Delhi-110003
  6. All State / Dist. Secretaries, AICPMF Ex-servicemen Welfare Association .



No. AICPMFEWA-CCO-2/2011                                                  Dated  25/11/2011

To                                                                                                         Speed Post

Shri. Ranjit Sinha. IPS

Director  General

ITBPF, CGO Complex

Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003




The State Committee leaders of our Association in Utharakhand State intimated that  the State Cabinet on 21.11.2011 have generously agreed to accord VAT  exemption to the goods purchased/sold through the Central Police Canteen (CPC) through- out the State . The master/subsidiary canteens in the State are run by the  Units/ HQrs of  your esteemed Force. Unfortunately we came to know that certain outlets of CPC denies sales to Paramilitary/Ex-paramilitary men  other than your Force. Since  the concept of  CPC  is the welfare of all Paramilitary/Ex-paramilitary men, widows and dependants  irrespective of the Force they served, it is against the norms.

In view of the above, your good self is  requested to kindly issue necessary directions to all concerned to extend the CPC facilities to all ex-paramilitary men, widows and dependants irrespective of the Force they served.


With respectful  regards.

Yours faithfully,


P.S Nair
General Secretary

Copyto: Shri. J.C. Joshi, President, AICPMF Ex-servicemen Welfare Association, Utharakhand State, P.O. Dangoli, Bageswar, Utharakhand for information and necessary action .On getting copy of State Govt. Orders, a copy of Govt. Order may please be  sent to DG, ITBPF and to us.




NO. AICPMFEWA/CCO/02/2012 10/02/2012




Submitted by P.S.NAIR, Genaral Secretary , All India Central Paramilitary Forces Ex- servicemen Welfare Association




On behalf of All India Central Paramilitary Forces Ex- servicemen Welfare Association , we would like to bring to your kind notice that, the role of Indian Paramilitary Forces (CRPF, BSF, ITBP, SSB, CISF, Assam Rifles ) bravely defending and securing the International Borders of our Country, ensuring Internal Security , so that the people of India can live , work and sleep in peace . They are the first line of Defence in any security operation or Disaster management as admitted by the Govt. and accordingly declared as “ Armed Forces of Union of India” with the approval of Parliament . They are Guarding the 15,000 Kms of our seven International Borders at high risk to their “ life and limbs” as they have to encounter with enemy from outside of the Borders and within the Country while discharging this duties . Since inception , the PMF have suffered huge casualties in various operations/ while on duty , more than 18,000 personnel have been injured , many grievously , and more than 5,000 have made the Supreme Sacrifices at the alter of duty . Their uniformed service and duties , penalties and punishments conditions are as per Act & Rules of the individual Forces and they can be re-call at any time when any emergency arises. Without considering the role & nature of duties of the IPMF , the Govt. of India forces them to continue under CCS Rules.

2. We are the lot dejected by the Govt. The Para-military Forces do the fighting , face the enemy with same vigor , valor and patriotism and suffer the consequences like Indian Defence Forces . But the benefits and concessions extended to Armed Forces Serving/ Retired personnel under MoD are not being extended to Armed Forces personnel under MHA and treated equal to Central Govt. Civilian employees under CCS Rules . As a result huge disparity with regard to pay & allowances , pension and post retirement benefits prevails Indian Army personnel and IMPF personnel which is against the principles of natural Justice . The Sixth Pay Commission has also ignored the IPMF retired/ serving personnel . The Govt. stand is that the IPMF are governed by CCS Rules and so they are entitled to the benefits under CCS Rules only i.e equal to Central Govt. Civilian emplyees. But what is the justification of putting the combat Forces under Civil Service Rules ? Hence until a Separate set of Rules is framed for IPMF as the case of Defence Force they will be deprived of the benefits .

3. The grievances of Indian Paramilitary Forces personnel were not redressed properly because , neither they have any Service Association , nor any other appropriate platform/ Welfare Boards to project their problems before the Govt/ authorities . Due to continued apathy , gross injustice and step motherly treatment meted out to IPMF by Govt. All India Central Para-military Forces Ex- servicemen Welfare Association constituted for the entire Welfare of all Para-military Forces ( Retired/ Serving) had taken up the burning issues before the Hon’ble Prime Minister , Home Minister , Defence Minister , Smt. Sonia Gandhi , MP & Chair person NAC Govt. of India ,Shri. Rahul Gandhi , MP & AICC General Secretary ,Senior Cabinet Ministers & MPs etc. Since last 12 years , we have adopted all peaceful agitational activities in a democratic manner to invite the attention of Govt. But our genuine demands like Separate Service & Pension Rules , Ex-servicemen Status, Welfare Board similar to Sainik Board , CSD Canteen Facility , One Rank- One Pension , Compassionate appointment , Rehabilitation , Medical Treatment Facilities, Paramilitary Service Pay similar to MSP , Exemption of Contributory Pension System , Restoration of stopped pension of Ex- BSF personnel etc. were not yet redressed by which the Service and Sacrifice of Armed Forces under MHA are dishonored.

4. The Indian Para-military Forces Personnel numbering about 10.5 lakhs and about 7 lakhs retired personnel including widows/ dependents who are totally unhappy/ demoralized with the gross neglect and step motherly treatment meted out to them by the Union Govt. as well as the Sixth Pay Commission . We made all our efforts to get our genuine grievances redressed in very peaceful and disciplined way . But the Govt. did not give ear to our cry . Hence , now we compelled to takeout to streets with agitation as all other societies do for which we going to start an indefinite strike at prominent place of New Delhi which will be followed by some law breaking activities from 2 nd week of March 2012 onwards which needs all support, compassion and sympathy .

5. Considering the genuineness of this issues, which has a direct bearing on the welfare of a large number of troops who play in Defence of the Country and Integrity , we fervently request all Trade Unions/Medias / well wishers of the Country to insist the Union Govt./ State Govt. to extend all the benefits/ concessions being enjoyed by the Defence Force Personnel / Ex- servicemen to serving/ retired IPMF personnel by framing appropriate Service & Pension Rules so as to upkeep the moral and they could serve the Country better . A list of our legitimate demands are attached .

With Respectful Regards,


Enclo. One


On behalf of AICPMF Ex-servicemen Welfare Association.


P.S Nair
General Secretary



NO. AICPMFEWA/CCO-01/2012                                                        22ND FEB. 2012



The Hon”ble Prime Minister,

Govt. Of India

New Delhi- 110001



Respected Sir,

We need not introduce  ourselves as it is well known  that  our Association stands  for welfare  of Ex- Paramilitary men , widows and dependents . For last twelve years , we were  knocking at  every door of the Central Govt. for redressal of  our long pending genuine grievances . We met the Hon’ ble Prime Minister , Home  Minister and prominent leaders of the ruling  party and all bureaucrats including Home Secretary  and Heads of Forces .  We were given certain assurances like assigning a status with all consequential benefits of Ex- Servicemen, such  as “Ex- Paramilitarymen” . But the proposal is learnt to have been dropped even after the preparation of “Draft – Cabinet Note” on the proposal only due to lack of interest on the part of bureaucrats concerned .

2.     It was  admitted by the MHA on several occasions, in  black and white , that the Paramilitary Forces are the “First line of Defence” in all operations and the role of Paramilitary Forces are similar to that of the Army in defending the country .  But our demands  for equal post- retirement benefits are turned  down by stating that the Paramilitary Forces are governed by  CCS ( pension)  Rules and the Army is regulated by a separate  set of Rules , and so cannot be equated . There is no provision  for any additional  benefit than what is given  to Central Civil  Service Employees in the CCS ( Pension) Rules . As clarified by  the Govt. of India vide MHA. F.No 24021/74/2004-PC dated 6th Aug 2004, the Paramilitary Forces are “Armed Forces of the Union of India” . While the role of Paramilitary Forces  and Civil Service  Employees cannot be equated, how  the two services are governed by same set of rules ? The MHA desired to set up a committee to frame separate Service and  Pension  Rules for Paramilitary Forces but the Heads of Paramilitary Forces disagreed as intimated by MHA .

3      In past years we did several Dharna’s, Parliament March etc., but the Govt. did not hear our voice as our agitations were very peaceful. Now we have realized that peaceful agitation cannot bring any positive result . As such the meeting of State and National leaders of the Association held at India Gate New Delhi on 20th Feb, 2012 have decided to “Gherao” the CGO Complex , New Delhi where the Hqrs of Paramilitary Forces are stationed , on 26th March. 2012 . More than 10,000 members of our Association from different states will join the siege and court arrest

We will stick to our moto “ Fight for Right” with strong desire of “ Karo ya Maro” which will have far reaching impact on serving Paramilitary Men also.

This may be treated as  Official Notice .

Yours faithfully

For AICPMF Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association

P.S Nair
General Secretary

Copy forwarded for favour of information and necessary action to ;-


1. Her Excellency, The President of India ( Supreme Commander Of  Armed Forces)

2. Shri. P. Chidambaram , Hon’ ble Home Minister of India.

3. Shri. A.K.Anthony, Hon’ ble Defence Minister Of India.

4. Shri. Pranab Mukherjee, Hon’ ble Finance Minister Of India.

5. Smt. Sushama Swaraj, Hon’ ble Opposition Leader , Lok Sabha

6. Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Hon’ ble Chairperson, UPA Govt.

7.  Smt. Shiela Dixit, Hon’ ble Chief Minister ,Govt, of National Capital  Territory of Delhi.

8. Shri. Rahul Gandhi, M.P and AICC General Secretary.

9. Shri, Gurudas Das Gupta, M.P .

10. Cabinent Secretary, Govt. Of India.

11. Home Secretary , MHA, New Delhi.

12. Joint Secretary (Police II) MHA .

13. Under Secretary (PMA), MHA .

14. Director General – CRPF, BSF, ITBP, SSB, CISF, Assam Rifles .

15. Commissioner Of Police , New Delhi.

16. SHO, Lodhi Colony Police Station , New Delhi.

17. All Political/ Trade Union Leaders of the Country.

18. All Print and Electronic Media of the Country.

19. All State Secretaries of AICPMF Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association.